Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Event Tent!

     We are very excited to announce that Cassel Vineyards is now prepared to host events in the vineyard.  We will rent the event to small parties who want a beautiful venue to entertain friends or guests.  The tent can seat 30 people for dinner events or 50 people for an informal meet and greet type of atmosphere.  We plan to rent the tent and provide our wines for your pleasure.  We will not allow outside alcohol but would be happy to provide the names of the caterer we use for our events.  If you are interested in setting up a date, please give us a call at Cassel Vineyards during our business hours 12-6:00 Friday through Sunday.
     We look forward to lots of fun events this Summer.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vacation Drink Idea

     We are on vacation in sunny Florida for the week of Easter.  Before we left, I worked out a wine cooler recipe to share with friends at the vineyard.  We plan to share it with all our winery friends during the 3 week Spring Sensation Wine tour weekend the first three weekends of May.   Tickets for this event can be purchased at Cassel Vineyards for $15/person and $25/couple.  One ticket entitles you to sample wines at 13 wineries in the Hershey/Harrisburg wine trail.  Each winery will provide samples of their wines along with tastings of suggested picnic foods and flowers from local florists and nurseries.
     At Cassel Vineyards we will be creating a tasty wine cooler to pair with delicious fruit salsa and BBQ beef, pork and chicken.  The BBQ will be for sale from Blazing Swine BBQ as well as a Chicken BBQ for Relay for Life.  Our event tent will be hosting Several parties and one of. The weekends coincides with our big Kentucky Derby Celebration which features our Run For the Roses Mint Juleps which were an absolute smash hit last year.  
     Hopefully the weather for those 3 weekends will be as nice as they are down here in Florida where we are testing our wine coolers by the pool.  Can't wait for Summer in Hummelstown!  Bring the warm weather on.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt


       As you can probably guess from the picture, we are expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny here at Cassel Vineyards.  In fact, we are looking forward to our 2nd annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19th from 12:00 - 3:00.  The eggs will be hidden in the vineyard just like they were last year.  This year's prizes and gifts include Cassel Vineyards merchandise, free wine tastings and other winery related stuff.  Last year we had a lot of fun hiding, seeking and drinking our gifts.  So feel free to stop in anytime on Saturday and start collecting your
     With Easter less than 2 weeks away, we are also making our choices for our Easter wine to compliment the Easter Ham Dinner.  This year we chose our Vidal Blanc Semi-sweet to serve with our glazed, spiral cut ham.  With its sweet, crisp flavor, it will be an amazing compliment to the meal.  Considering that it is also a bargain at $10/ bottle, you might want to pick up an extra bottle to go with the leftovers!

Monday, March 31, 2014

In-service at Cassel Vineyards

      Last week we held a late night in-service at Cassel Vineyards of Hershey.  A professional wine taster and expert in wine pairing, Steve Juliano tasted our wines on our opening weekend and prepared a presentation  for  our employees.  Steve emphasized a simplified approach to wine tasting not based on the 100 point system but rather on a 3 point system.  He brought the tastes and food pairings down to a level that we can understand and explain to our customers.  The food pairing was simple and straight forward with an emphasis on cheeses, fish and red meats.
     Steve was very happy to share his knowledge and expertise with us in the hour that we were together.   Our employees would like to organize further tastings and even some food pairings with Steve and our customers.  The night was a huge success and everyone went away much happier and better prepared to serve our customers.  I would like to say it was like every in-service I have ever attended but I can't say that.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Taste of Spring (without the sunshine)

    So it's March 25th and the snow is falling.  I went to school today knowing the snow would be falling but somehow it's still like a punch in the stomach.  Upon returning home, I resolved to improve my spirits.  The rage among the healthy nuts now is detox drinks so I half-hearted ly scanned the drink recommendations from Dr. oz and Runners World.  Then I had an epiphany,  if it's not springtime outside, so I need a touch of spring in a glass.  
     I built my spring drink around a solid Spring base of my brother and sister-in-laws pure Maine Maple Syrup found at (1 oz.)
Then I added 1 oz. of my own sunshine in a bottle in the form of Cassel Vineyards Chocolate Ruby Port .  finally I added 2 oz. of Bourbon and shook it all up and poured it all over ice cubes.  The drink turned out amazing.  It improved my attitude despite the snow and frigid temperatures.     I call my drink The Spring Retox.  
     I hope you enjoy it.  If you have another Cassel Vineyards drink you would like to share I would love to hear about it.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cassel Vineyards Hershey; 2014 Selection of Wines

      Here is a picture of our final line-up of wines on our 2014 tasting card.  We have added 2 new wines in the past several months including our winners circle blend and our red silks rose' blend. Both of these wines have proven to be extremely popular in our first 2 weeks of the new season.  There have been quite a few customers through our doors and those people have affirmed our expectations that there's wines are pretty good.  
      Winners Circle Red is a dry blend of our estate grown wines that gives an up front taste with lots of spice, black pepper and fruit and balances it off with raspberry, cherry and a light French oak finish. It gives you a mouthful of fruit with a smooth round flavor that goes with so many red meats or pasta dishes.
      Red Silks Rose', in a bright red bottle (named for the silks that jockeys wear), tastes like fresh grapes, citrus and pineapples all mixed into a bottle with a big finish that cleans and refreshes and begs for another sip.  We blended it with our Summer concert season in mind.  We think that it will be a big hit on warm summer nights when the music and wine are flowing.  
      If you have not made it out to try these and all our other 2013 vintages, there is no time like tomorrow.  This year we have extended our hours to include Sunday from 12-6.  So, you have Friday, Saturday or Sunday 12 - 6.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last Weeks Visitors

       Last week we held our grand reopening at Cassel Vineyards and everyone showed up.  This beautiful flock of Snow Geese dropped in to eat from the corn stubble.  It was an amazing sight as the flock circled and alighted honking and squalking.  We hope that our feathered friends continue to drop in and give their dazzling show to customers.  Today we took a walk beyond the vines to the nearby Manada Creek and saw 3 pairs of Wood Ducks and 3 pairs of Merganzers moving in to take up residence.  We hope that you can stop by to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors along with the spring sunshine.  This year we are open Fri. Thru Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 PM.