Monday, July 28, 2014

Planning a Party with the Hershey Chorus

  Plan to be at Cassel Vineyards on Sat. Sept. 6 for a great concert with the Hershey Community Chorus.  We have enjoyed working with the Hershey Chorus since we opened in 2008.  This is going tp be a lot of fun with Wine tasting, musical entertainment and a Chicken BBQ all under several big tents in the vineyard.  Tickets are $20 in advance or $22 the day of the show. 
       We are going to have quite a busy weekend with a First Friday Concert on Friday from 6-8:00, harvest on Sat. morning and this concert on Sat. evening.  We hope that you can plan to join us for all these events.  I will continue to keep everyone posted through Facebook and Twitter.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back Home in the Vineyard

We returned home to the vineyard this week after several weeks in Texas and the Gulf States.  The weather in the south was warm and when we got home the grapevines were growing like crazy.  Chris, Lee, Quentin, Colton and Mike kept the vines pruned and looking great.  The grapes still have a lot of growing to do but their clusters are filling in nicely.  The sunshine and rain keep us confidant that this season will be just as prolific as last season was even if it is a few weeks later than last year.
We continue to wait for the grapes to change color as they go through veraison.  In just a few weeks, we will have to put the bird nets in place so it is imperative that we get everything pruned, tucked and taped before we the grapes begin to ripen.  
The clusters are closing and as long as we can get some good hot temperatures, it looks like a good year.

Friday, July 11, 2014

New High Performance T-shirts

   Stop by and pick up your new Cassel Vineyards of Hershey t-shirts while supplies last.  We just ordered 100 of these awsome 50% cotton, 25% rayon, 25% poly blend.  They feel amazing and wick moisture away from your body when you sweat.  We kept the colors light so that they would be comfortable in all the hot summer sunshine while we wear them in the vineyard and at our concerts.  The $12 price makes them perfect for you and for a gift so buy 2/$24 and make your spouce or friend happy too.  Stop by and get your shirt today.

Monday, June 30, 2014

July in the Vineyard

   The summer has finally come to the vineyard.  The rain has stopped and the temperatures are now around 90 each day.  To show their appreciation, the grapes have begun to grow several inches each day.  We are looking forward to a great July 4 celebration in the vineyard.  The vines make a great backdrop for the Hersheypark fireworks.  If you are not busy, you should bring a blanket or chair out to the vines and watch the fireworks.  The fireworks begin at 10:00 and many people bring their children, sparklers and a picnic lunch and stay for the entire evening.  We look forward to everyone joining us and enjoying the vineyard as much as we do.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Proud to be an American

      Thank you to everyone who came out to support Cassel Vineyards and the PA Wounded Warriors at our concert featuring the Air National Guard Band of the Northeast.  If you were unfortunate enough to miss the show,  I will give you a little recap.  
      The bus and truck with the band and support crew arrived at 3:00.  We worked for 1 1/2 hour to set up and prepare the winery and hospitality tent.  Jim Johnston took care of cooking and serving while Patty Bowen made some of the best baked beans I have ever eaten.  By 4:30 we were ready to sit down to an awsome meal and the troops surprised me by singing me happy birthday on my 50 th birthday.  Then, Becky shared an order of 90 cupcakes with the troops and I and we were ready for the show.

      6:00 - 6:30 - Air National Guard Woodwind Ensamble
      6:30 - 7:00 - Air National Guard Brass Ensamble
      7:00 - 8:00 - Air National Guard Band of The Northeast Rock Band "High Altitude"

      The weather was beautiful and the crowd that packed our backyard had a fantastic time.  The only complaint we heard all night was the fact that some concert fans who came later had a 1/4 mile walk to enjoy the show.  My advice to everyone is to arrive early because these shows keep getting more and more popular each week.  Considering the show that the Air National Guard put on, I expect the trend to continue.  
       Thanks once again to everyone who made this such a great show.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Great Week in the Vineyard

   We have spent the week in the vineyard pruning and tucking and taping the vines so that they are prepared to enter the heat of Summer and grow and ripen the grapes.  On  Monday I took a picture of the grapes and the clusters are full of fertilized flowers which means we have a great fruit set.  Thankfully, we had one week of dry weather during the full bloom so all our flowers had a chance to fully pollinate.  Here is what tHe little Vidal Blanc grapes look like.
The tucking and pruning began on Monday as we divided the canopy of our Cabernet Franc to begin stressing the vines so that they ripen their fruit on time.  Not only are we starting our season 3 weeks late but we also have so much cool, damp weather that I'm not sure if things are going to ever catch up.  The vines were too green and succulent to begin the training earlier in the season.  Finally as the rain stopped, we were able to begin getting things tucked away to look better.  Here are what the vines looked like at re beginning of the week.
   After we completed the tucking and taping down, the vines looked much more controlled.
Tomorrow, we plan to start pulling down the lower wires on the divided canopy in the Scott/Henry divided canopy.  Things should look great, so I will take some more pictures to post later in the week.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Military Tribute Band June 27 @Cassel Vineyards of Hershey

     Once again, Cassel Vineyards is proud to present The Air National Guard Band of the Mid Atlantic for one night only in our vineyard.  Last year, we were the first winery to EVER host the US Military band. It was a perfect series of coincidences with the Military budget slashed as a result of the Congressional sequester, our proximity to their station and several very generous offers by friends and officers.  We were amazed at the interest the concert generated with our highest attendance of the year!  The US Military was so impressed by our audience and the public support (many of their shows are shopping malls and senior centers) that they offered to do another performance if they could arrange their schedule a year in advance.  Well, here we are, one year later and we are just as excited to present the same band to our favorite audience!   Please come out and show your support.  
       This year we will offer some amazing t-shirts for sale at the concert made by one of our employees  for $10. It's going to be a great night!